“Your initial charge will be $37.00. You will then be charged $37.00/month for 1 months 30 days after your initial charge has been made.”

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I purchased your book – “The Right Man Online”. Best investment ever! Can’t stop reading it. Fascinating, touching, ingenious. You have put more thought into what attracts men to women than Freud! And you’re much more practical! I’m already rewriting my profile as I read!  - Jennifer M, Missoula MT

Hi Adam!
I just read your book “The Right Man Online”.
I’ve been very reluctant go to online dating, I’m one of those people that made fun of it. But your words and your lessons have inspired me and challenged me to create a great profile online!! Yes, your book is that good!
It will take me couple of bad profiles to get it right, but I’ll be sure to send you a link of it when I feel satisfied with it.
You rock Adam!!
Much Love,
- Lorna D, Boston, Mass.
Dear Adam,
I owe you my life.
I am writing to personally thank you for your lessons and inspiration. I have learned so much from you and now… I am happy to tell you that I have attracted a most wonderful man into my life!
And I have you to thank for it.
It has been a long process for me to get here after my divorce, but you made it happen – and I am grateful for the part you played.
Thank you for your passion in helping women attract good men into their lives. There truly is no greater thing than to love and be loved in return by a wonderful, good man. Thank you for inspiring me to keep going and never give up!
May you prosper, may your work prosper, and may you find your greatest love as well ( if you haven’t already).
- Jo Ann T., Houston, TX
I’m actually half way through your ebook and have to admit, it is the best ebook I have ever downloaded. You are not telling me stuff I know already and you are definitely giving me concrete examples of what I need to do. I am itching to re-write my profile but want to finish reading the book first.
For once I do not feel that I was ripped off. This is excellent, high quality information. Wow. Thank You
- Judy H, London, UK
Hello Adam,
I have just complete your Right Man Online book and having purchased a number of other products on the market, I can say that yours is BY FAR the best.
There is so much great content in there it was hard to absorb it all. You must have spent hundreds of hours putting it together – honestly it is a great feat.
More women really need to know about it! I really appreciate your insights and skill at outlining what works for a quality man.
- Molly F., NY, NY




"Your initial charge will be $37.00. You will then be charged $37.00/month for 1 months 30 days
after your initial charge has been made."