How Not To Lose The Right Man Once You Find Him…

I don’t want you to lose love once you’ve found it. Which sadly is what happens to so many couples.

I have spent the last several years studying and teaching the TOP and MOST EFFECTIVE relationship communications techniques in the world — and have refined them down to a book that will utterly change your life.

The Right Man Forever is your lifetime handbook for how to create and nourish a conscious relationship instead of a reactive, unconscious one – which is what plagues most relationships and marriages.

This Is ESSENTIAL Knowledge To Nourish A Hapy Commmunicative Relationship From Day #1!

I have to tell you, I wish I had this when I was in my twenties. It would have saved me years of heartache and miscommunication.

But I have it now, and so can you. I’ve made it very, very easy for you to use.

You Are About To Become Your Own Private Relationship Gandhi (But Way Sexier)

What’s inside? 5 Modules that are practical techniques and communication tools so that you avoid trouble, dissipate anger before it gets out of hand, and midwife clean, clear, mutually supportive communication so that you both get what you most need from each other — all in a remarkably adult, loving, open-hearted way.

Introducing The Right Man Forever

Module 1: The Eleven “Magic Bridges” That Take Him From Dating Into Devotion

There are 11 Mind-Blowing Things you can say to your guy as you date to help him ease from lightly dating into relationship. I call them “Bridges to Deeper Trust and Intimacy.” They will, among other things…

  • Wake him up to the reality that you are a very different kind of woman.
  • Encourage him to relax and finally be his true self.
  • Alert him that you are not going to play games with him and his feelings, and that you expect he will return the favor
  • Establish honesty as the cornerstone of your intimate life together
  • Relax him with the knowledge that you are not going to surprise him by reacting to through the lens of your own past wounds (and teach him to do the same)
Module 2: Everyday Trust-Building and Heart-Opening Shortcuts

Trust is the soil from which everything else grows – love, openness, sexual joy – everything! These essential shortcuts are the key to thriving in a long-term relationship as you build trust, support each other’s dreams and celebrate each other’s uniqueness – all in the context of safety, for both of you.

  • How to Gain Full Commitment
  • How to Create “Safety in Truth” Through Emotional Transparency
  • How To Share Responsibility Without Descending Into Blame
  • How To be Each Other’s Top Agent of Freedom, Fulfillment and Self-­‐Expression
  • How To Deepen Love and Open Conversations Through the Tools of Acknowledgement and Appreciation
Module 3: TAMING THE DRAGON: How To Turn The 26 Deadly Conflict Points Into Connecting Points And Opportunities To Deepen Your Intimacy

Everyone “wants” their relationship to succeed but nearly everybody murders intimacy by shutting down their partner’s heart. I have boiled the whole spectrum of what comes out of couple’s mouths that kills intimacy – and show you how to identify and avoid them before they even happen. And if they do happen – how to turn them around into a loving reframe.

Among them are included:

  • How to Identify and Avoid Jumping to Inaccurate Assumptions
  • How to Identify and Avoid Dropping A-Bombs To Win a Battle
  • How To Validate, Listen and Positively Reflect Your Partner into Listening to You
  • How to Ask For What You Want So That Your Partner Thinks it Was HIS Idea In the First Place!
  • … and 22 more specific techniques

(This section alone is worth 10x your investment!)

MODULE 4: The 11 Essential Techniques Of “Fighting Fair”

Two people may genuinely love each other but DESTROY years of love and affection in one careless moment! There are 11 Ways that Couples do this, and I never want you or your husband to make any of these 11 errors.
In this module, I show you

  • How To Keep The Subject Matter Local and Relevant.
  • How To Return Him to The Long Term View
  • How To Resist Blame and Instead Inspire Solutions
  • How To Focus Him on Preferences, Not Principles (avoiding the worst trap of all!)
  • How To “Cool Anger Down” With These Questions
MODULE 5: How to Create and Revise Agreements Between You

You may have experienced this in the past, but lack of clarity is one of the most deadly and insidious killers of love and intimacy. In this module, I show you – step-by-step – how to create clear lines early on so you both know what to expect. And, of course, how to revise your mutual agreements periodically to adjust to how you change and grow.

And Finally – The Golden “Magic 6-Part Formula for Creating Behavior Change” Ticket

I will give you, probably the single most valuable relationship technique I have ever learned.

The Right Man Forever is like buying INSURANCE for your love life.

Please, for the sake of love, for the sake of growing and nourishing YOUR love, download this wisdom-packed, technique-packed, practical guide to creating a deeper love, every single day.